Harodite Industries provides the finest custom composite materials for the automotive industry.

Whether your company is manufacturing headliners in the wet or dry process we can provide you with:

  • The Non-woven
  • The Non-woven with a barrier film
  • The No-nwoven with a barrier film and chopped glass
  • Or The Barrier film with chopped glass

We design our composites with your needs in mind. Our Harostretch® non-woven allows for molding in the deepest draw molds at the sharpest angles while preventing bleed through and contamination of the molds.

At Harodite Industries our world-class team of design engineers craft the composite products for head liners, trunk liners, door panels, seating and visor components.

Our range and means of applying thermoplastic adhesive coatings allow us to provide the widest spectrum of possibilities for bonding materials in a molding or laminating process. Our wet finishing abilities allow us to apply fire retardants, water, oil, and soil repellants to most materials.

Your needs together with our dedicated team will result in superior products that meet or surpass the initial goals.

Please contact our sales and development teams with any questions about our products, processes or capabilities.