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Harodite Industries has been producing world quality shirt interlinings for four decades.  Our Etacol®, Harocol®, Haropress® and Edgelok® products are known world wide for their quality and consistency.

Whether the garment you are designing requires a soft collar, a stiff collar or one that is in between, we have the right product for you.

All of our shirt interlinings meet the strictest standards for whiteness and each finished roll is tested.

Our woven fusibles have been designed to hold up under the most rigorous commercial launderings with minimal loss of hand.

Our Sew-in woven interlinings are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our fusible shirt products.

We have also created a line of non-woven shirt fusibles for work and casual shirts where the quality and durability of a woven is not required.

For the men’s dress shirt we have developed a line of fusible tapes for armholes and sides seams.  These tapes, slit to your specification, prevent wrinkling and puckering in the garment seams.  These fusible tapes are the answer to producing wrinkle resistant shirts.

Our objective is to work with the shirt market in every capacity required. In addition to interlining piece goods, we provide: die cutting, slitting, slotting, spot welding, spooling, and of course, on time delivery.

Please contact our sales team for more information and samples of our shirt products.  We are eager to work with you and prove our commitment to service and quality.

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